Hi, I’m Binia and I’m a pint-sized princess dreaming BIG.

Well, perhaps not BIG but certainly dreaming of the considerable. We all have wishes that we’re desperately hoping will come true and most often, they just simmer quietly away in our heads and never quite reach fruition. Dismissed as out-of-reach, too far-fetched or simply branded “RIDICULOUS”, our dreams remain just…dreams.

Not anymore! At least, not for me. I’m making 2015 the year that my aspirations become actuality, and this blog is going to be a pivotal part of this process. I have dreams of working with words and what better way to demonstrate my skills than by baring my writer’s soul to the unforgiving depths of the internet?

Shunning the advice of “Blogs 101”, I’m not going to define the contents of my blog just yet – you’ll soon learn that I’m indecisive. This blog is going to be a mish-mash of everything; short stories, make-up hauls, book reviews, recipes. I’m sticking my fingers in every proverbial pie until I find a filling to my liking.

Hi I'm Binia


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