Macmillian Coffee Morning Munchies!

Just a brief post from me today, dear reader(s)! I very much subscribe to the sentiments of teasing & tantilising, leaving my audience hungry for MORE.

…or, quite simply, I’ve been unintentionally neglectful of late and have failed to gather enough content for a proper post.

Anyway, tomorrow is Macmillian’s Coffee Morning, taking place in offices & homes nationwide. It’s an opportunity for us to wage a yummy, calorie-laden war on cancer, using cakes & bakes as our delectably delicious weapons.

salted caramel choc and gingerbread

As you know by now, I relish any opportunity to bake and so, naturally, have my offering ready for battle!

Feeding the hard-working staff of the Dulwich Picture Gallery tomorrow, will be decadently dark chocolate cupcakes, filled with homemade salted caramel & topped with whipped vanilla buttercream.

salted caramel choc

My all-time-favourite-forever-until-I-die-chocolate-cupcake recipe is intensely chocolately, and not as sweet as most other chocolate sponges I’ve tried. I much prefer it – and I’ve never had any complaints – and it means you’re able to team it with unbearably sweet toppings without keeling over in a sugar-induced coma.

Alongside this chocolate-lover’s dream, is a deceptively understated and simple cupcake; gingerbread topped with cream cheese frosting.


gingerbread closeup

I’m one of these people who simply ADORE spice and flavour, especially in my baked goods. Pairing this flavoursome, warming cupcake with a sweetly tangy cream cheese frosting is honestly, heaven. Creamy, lightly-spiced heaven. The crumb is airy-light and delicate, contrasting with the heavier and indulgent frosting. I even might prefer this over the chocolate salted caramel!

eaten gingerbread

Leave a comment if you’re also taking part in Macmillian’s Coffee Morning; I’d love to read your posts about it.

Happy Caking!


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