Salted Caramel Overdose.

I have been blessed with several wonderful friends; all generous, all kind, all thoughtful…and each with an obsessive, compulsive love of a selected food item. One salivates over sweet potato, another FREAKS out when she sees figs, and a third positively swoons when presented with salted caramel.

It’s this last addict for whom I was an enabler a few weeks ago, though it was justified by an occasion. This dear friend of mine was celebrating her 22nd birthday, and to mark this occasion, I thought I’d feed her addiction in a towering, chocolately, salted caramel baked frenzy.

Ladies & gentlemen, I present to you (with trembling arms), this scrumptious salted caramel monstrosity.


Danni's Bday Cake 3 copy

Danni's Bday Cake 2

This is an 8″ inch, 5-layer dark chocolate affair. Sandwiching the fluffy light layers together was whipped vanilla buttercream, salted caramel and shortbread crumbs, giving tastebuds a fleeting Millionaire’s Shortbread experience.

The entire cake was then coated in a generous layer of salted caramel buttercream & dark chocolate ganache.

I’ll let you into a little secret; the ganache was meant to be dripping over the sides, spilling glossy tears down the side of the cake. But, alas! I let it sit too long and it had set too hard to drip. After I hyperventilated violently into my hands, I realised I could simple transition it with the salted caramel buttercream, to create a beautifully blended effect. Phew – the day was saved!

Topping this cake, were my first attempt at meringue kisses. These were such fun to make, and turned out surprisingly well! I used the Meringue Girls Method, which yielded success in both appearance and taste.

Danni's Bday Cake 5


Danni's Bday Cake 4

The meringue kisses were accompanied multiple other toppings; homemade fudge, toffee popcorn, malteasers and meringue crumb. As you can see from the pictures, it made for a truly spectacular cake, albeit a little OTT. Just a LITTLE, ahem.

Danni's Bday Cake 6

Danni's Bday Cake 1

Truthfully, I think it’s been my favourite bake to date, if not purely just because of the theatrics of the whole thing.

What’s been your favourite thing to bake?


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