Cake loves you. Cake cares.

“But how am I going to eat cake if my head is over there, but my hands are over here?”
– Marie Antoinette.

Ladies and gentleman, that is the GENUINE, bonafide cake quote from Marie Antoinette – none of this “Let them eat cake” untruth (did you know that she never uttered those words?).

Although Marie Antoinette muses over a legitimate issue, hopefully it’s not one that any of us will have to experience – but hey, at least it would be a momentary affliction, cured by that little hiccup called death.

I digress.

Marie Antoinette’s panic is utterly justifiable; what is a life without cake? Surely no life at all?

Thankfully, the human race has cultivated cake-making since the beginning of time; “cake” is derived from the Norse word “kaka“. Ancient cakes often took their first form as something akin to bread, sweetened with the addition of honey and dried fruit. It wasn’t until the 19th century that baking powder and white flour were folded into the mix, with the early 20th century witnessing the birth of beautifully-piped buttercream creations.


Left: Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream & Oreo cookie crust
Right: Carrot & Ginger cake with white chocolate buttercream

And it is here that I must make a confession; I am a cake addict. A cake-baking addict. That’s right. Cake-BAKING. Although I am partial to the occasional slice (carrot, red velvet, or lemon drizzle FYI), my true love for cake is reserved for CREATING it.

When some people are stressed, they eat. Others fly-kick a wall or go for a run. I bake. There’s something soothing about methodically measuring out my ingredients, blending them together into a creamy concoction and ending up with a cake “that’s too pretty to eat.”

It makes me feel like some sort of baking sorceress. Because baking IS MAGIC. It’s foodie wizardry.

Lemon and Victoria


Top: Lemon cupcakes filled with lemon curd & lemon buttercream & vanilla cupcakes topped with whipped cream & fresh fruit
Left: Raspberry & banana muffin
Right: Carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting & oat, raisin & walnut cookies

I bake for any excuse, and for every occasion.
“It’s my birthday” – CAKE YOU SHALL HAVE.
“I’ve passed my first year of university.” – CAKE YOU SHALL HAVE.
“I’ve found my dream pair of periwinkle blue shoes.” – CAKE YOU SHALL HAVE.

To me, cake says “I love you. I care”. If you’re friends with me, you’re receiving cake for your birthday whether you like it or not – and if you don’t like it, then I’d never be friends with you in the first place.

I will be posting my tried & tested recipes for my favourite cakes I like to gift to friends, which don’t hold back with those delicious ingredients like SUGA, and BUTTAH. Mmm!

However, I’ll also be sharing some adapted versions which are a lot healthier. No sugar? No problem!

Cake is universal, and will not be denied to anyone, regardless of diet (or race, gender, orientation. CAKE FOR PRESIDENT! I jest, I jest…).


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